Big Adventure Entertainment

Providing Mobile Disc Jockey Services, Photobooths & More!

Wedding/Event DJ and photobooth services.

Additions; Here is where you can add more colorful lighting to your event, a projector and screen to show your story or enhance the basic lighting with enough sound active lights to shame a club.

Our Projector and Screen Combo is perfect for couples who want to feature a video or slide show during your event. It can also be used creatively as a way to show your love story in images and music or as a screen for playback of music videos or abstract visuals during the event.  The screen and projector rental is $300. If you need a DVD, Blu-Ray, or Windows laptop to play your disc or file please add $50.

Our LED Dance  Floor Lighting is ideal for clients who are looking to add beautiful, energetic, sound active lighting to their dance floor area. Dance floor lighting helps create an enjoyable, vibrant atmosphere for everyone to help get into the moment and lose themselves in movement, music and fun!  This is $125.

The standard "comes with" set that is included with each booking:

  1. Discrete Lighting T-Stand
  2. Chauvet Disco Ball with Lights
  3. Chauvet LED Mini Kinta
  4.  Chauvet Oceana
  5.  Chauvet LED Color Wash
  6. Chauvet VUE III LED Dance Floor Light


Uplights are capable of transforming any venue into something stunning! They light up the room with beautiful columns of light in any color of your choosing, typically placed in the corners of the room or as spot lights for key columns or points of interest. 

For just a touch of color; 10 uplights are $300. Then $40 per pair.

If you would like to be able to see your venue from orbit. I would recommend the 30 uplight plan @ $675.


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