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"In my business you rely on self promotion a great deal. That and reviews from past clients, as well as word of mouth. The bottom line though is self promotion. Some people are completely at ease with going on and on about themselves and every aspect of their lives to the point where you start seeing red; then you shut down, tune out, get angry or even to ask them to kindly leave. I've been there. I am not a fan of talking about myself in excess, but I do like to convey that I am damn good at what I do, and I ensure you that you will like what I can do for you as well."  - Kurt 5/15/17

How to Shamelessly Self-Promote at Work

Sometimes, you have to toot your own horn.

We all know that one person at work. The one who never misses an opportunity to pump up his own work. “Did you see that I landed the Jennings account? Boom!” A braggart, a blowhard and annoyingly successful. Meanwhile, you keep your head down, work hard and keep the faith that your accomplishments will get noticed and you’ll get the recognition you deserve.

Unfortunately, unless you’re hoping to build up a stash of karma points, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Like it or not, promoting yourself at work is a necessary part of your career. You don’t have to be a blowhard like Jennings account guy, but you do need to be able to let your coworkers and your bosses know what you do, at what you’re best and what you accomplish in your job.

Here are some tips to help you promote yourself at work without annoying your entire office.

1. Change how you think about self-promotion.

If the very idea of self-promotion makes you cringe, you need to change your perception of self-promotion entirely. You probably think it means bragging and pumping yourself up above others. It doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, it shouldn’t be like that.

First, accept it as a part of your career. Just like the tasks you do on a day to day basis, promoting yourself is a necessity. Think of yourself as a great product. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are, if you don’t advertise to the right crowd, no one will know. If you think it’s your boss’s job to take note of who is kicking butt and performing at a high level, you’re kidding yourself. Your boss has a lot on his/her plate and a lot of employees to handle. They simply can’t see everything that goes on. In that light, you’re not bragging, you’re simply keeping your boss in the loop. Simple, right?

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In Part 1: of this series, we discussed the secrets to choosing a great DJ. In part two we’ll help you select the perfect photo booth for your event by revealing the three questions many photo booth rental companies would prefer you didn’t know to ask.


I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news… let’s start with the bad news and get it out of the way.

The bad news is that many of the elements that distinguish one Photo Booth from another are hidden inside the booth. If you don’t ask the right questions beforehand, you may not find out you’ve chosen the wrong option for your event until it’s too late.

The good news is that even if you don’t choose the best option all is not lost.  In renting a photo booth, your job is much easier than hiring a DJ. People will often enjoy even the most horrible looking, poorly operating photobooth as long as it manages to take and print photos. There’s something about a photo booth that’s ALWAYS fun.

I’ll assume that since you’re reading this article you’re interested in learning how to pick the right booth and not one that looks awful and operates poorly, so lets dig into the questions and answers you need to make an informed decision.      Con't. on Snapfuze


What is a Thumbtack Top Pro? (April 7, 2017)



"The Top Pro distinction is reserved for a very small fraction of Thumbtack’s most dedicated and highly-rated professionals—in fact, less than 3% of Thumbtack pros currently qualify.

To be a Top Pro, a professional must have a track record of delivering exceptional experiences and getting hired often."

"How many Top Pros are there? Do you cap the group at a certain number?"

"There is no cap on the number of Top Pros on Thumbtack, and any individual who meets the three objective benchmarks will become a Top Pro. However, only a very small number of professionals currently qualify for the program. "


Spotify Me:

Apple products and spin-offs have a place, somewhere. In a vastly expanding field of streaming music there are features and conveniences that are far superior.  " With so many songs at the ready, Spotify’s library can seem daunting for those who want to find new music, but the company provides a lot of useful tools for finding new songs to suit your individual taste."

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Huffpost was an odd place to discover wedding information and some quite accurate trends, according to other research. The link is below. (April 6th, 2017)


The Future: Your Reception Dream List

When you start building your list, jot down the names of everyone you could ever imagine attending your wedding, from old camp friends to that funny cousin you met once at a family reunion. Besides the wedding party who are those people that have been there for you or you look up to, or you've been there for? Just for this part, take your budget and venue out of the equation. You'll have to do some trimming later on, but right now, dream it out.




Don't sweat the big stuff and relax on the little things. There are plenty of wedding that seem to creep up on you, and you can get overwhelmed by them. The best advice I was once given was, "focus on the things that you truly want, and let the rest go."  Good advice I thought, and it is quite applicable to a variety of circumstances.

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