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A plus (+) more than most...

I hope your 2019 plans are coming together well towards the end of the year! In a sea full of event DJ's and Photo Booth Rentals, it's hard to determine who to choose and does it really make a difference? YES, it does matter! You are doing what is best now, research! Ask questions of your vendors and see if they are a good fit for you, and your event.

"Autumn... the year's last, loveliest smile."   - William Cullen Bryant

"Autumn... the year's last, loveliest smile."

- William Cullen Bryant

A few things about us;

Entertainment.   An agreeable diversion.  Whether your are into some “Shake, Rattle and Roll”, "Don't Stop Believing" or you just “Can’t Stop That Feeling”, it is undeniable, the purpose of entertainment at your event is immense!

We provide Disc Jockey Plus services for all kinds of great events! The "PLUS" means we plan the details with you to customize your event timeline to ensure that all will be announced and directed by the DJ (MC) at the appropriate time. - jocelyn-and-nic-mt-hood-silcox-hut-wedding-mt-hood - Snow Storm - jocelyn-and-nic-mt-hood-silcox-hut-wedding-mt-hood - Snow Storm

Photobooth: When capturing those once in a lifetime  moments is needed! Our photobooth is designed to go with any style you have in mind;  either an enclosed or open, backdrop or not. We can print images right there during your event, or if you prefer digital images only. We have a huge range of options to help enhance your already unique event. Visit our Photobooth page for more info as well as our different package options available. We use a DSLR in our photobooth so that we can get the best image possible.

Lights: We also do distinctive lighting setups, using several different installations for a unique look at your event. We use up-lighting primarily, but if a more involved lighting design is required we can plan it out and give you a quote.

A very full dance floor during Morgan & Bryan's Reception at the Zenith Vineyard.

A very full dance floor during Morgan & Bryan's Reception at the Zenith Vineyard.

Let's plan some great entertainment!

As your DJ: Whether you are planning an event that calls for a traditional touch or a more modern approach – We know the right way to make it happen. And we help with the planning too!

 I am also there to coordinate the flow of the event and to be your Master of Ceremonies for the duration of your event.

One of my most frequently asked questions is, "What is your style like as a DJ?"   -  I prefer sophisticated, not cheesy in my approach as a DJ/MC.  My focus is on ensuring everyone has a good time. I do not over-talk during your event or work out my comedy routine for your guests.

Big Adventure is a locally owned and operated company. We give 100%  to the success of all our events and our wonderful reviews attest to that. Our dedication to our level of service is what separates us from the wedding & event "mills" that churn out mediocre entertainment with robotic playlists on sub-standard equipment.

Having an ear for putting songs together is only part of the key elements for a successful, entertaining event.

The fun continues during one of the many receptions I've done at the Adrianna Hill Ballroom.

The fun continues during one of the many receptions I've done at the Adrianna Hill Ballroom.

Customize your event! You can pick your own music for your event or leave it up to me. With a few suggestions I can plan out the type of music you're looking to hear during the course of your event. I provide your own password protected area for the selection of songs to build the playlist for your event. This allows you to have a "Please play", "Play if possible" and a "Do not play list" to avoid the possibility of something you would rather not want to hear ("Macarena!"). You can browse our online music library through our website. You will never find a "standard playlist" for the events I do.

You deserve a great, responsible entertainer for your special event! For more information,  send an email or call me, Kurt Hunter, at 1-877-501-5500.

Big Adventure Entertainment    1-877-501-5500

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